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T-shirt and Your personality

Did you know the custom Canadian hoodies you wear could be used to tell your personality? Various personality tests are developed to predict the personality of individuals. One of the best tests is called Holland Codes developed by an American called John L. Holland in the 1950s. The tests were aimed at assisting people to choose the best professions that fit them. The six codes by Holland can be applied in T-shirts.

Realistic or Doers

These are individuals who are practical and love manual work. They love working in the open air using real tools where they are more comfortable working with real objects as opposed to abstract thinking or applying theories. A sporty T-shirt is your preference if you are a doer.

Investigative or Thinkers

These people like the world of thinking, expressing their ideas, doing research, and exploring possibilities. They include philosophers, scientists, and writers who author various concepts. These people tend to work alone and might see teamwork as a hindrance to their goals. If you wear geeky T-shirts, then you are likely to be a thinker.

Artistic or Creators

They use their usually creative and imaginative ideas. They see success in the imagination and creativity of various concepts that result in satisfaction in their lives. These are the people who are mainly designers, painters, decorators, sculptors, among other artistic professions. An artistic individual is original, sensitive, and nonconformist. They make the world an interesting place to live in. These people love to wear graphic T-shirts.

Social or Helpers

If you are a Helper, you probably love being around other people. Most helpers think that they have natural social confidence to be around other people; however, this is not an absolute truth.  Social confidence can be linked to many other aspects. The truth is that the helpers are naturally social, genuine, and have a true interest in other people’s welfare. They are the best fit for careers such as teaching, nursing, and counseling among other social careers. If you are a helper, you probably wear a T-shirt with a goodwill message to the community.

Enterprising or Persuaders

Persuaders are people such as politicians, entrepreneurs, and CEOs. These people are highly ambitious and set the path to follow their goals. They are leaders in nature and easily spot the talents of other people in society. If you like wearing a logo T-shirt, then you must be a persuader.

Conventional or Organizers

These people have unique inborn talents that they exploit in their lives. They are the cashiers and accountants who check facts and organize the working environment. They are, also, likely to be in other financial fields and administrative posts. Conventional love plain T-shirts.

Bottom line

All these categories are crucial in the diversity of society and no category is more important than the other. Holland admitted that the six categories are just a simplified form and humans are more complicated and diverse that might go beyond his classification. Many variables might affect human preferences on custom T-shirts.

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