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Vaping was invented to promote a hard-core smoker to stop smoking. Vaping like e-liquidswas presumed to be safer than a regular cigarette. In 2019, research scientists at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine have divulged astonishing scientific evidence that using e-cigarettes promotes the same cellular responses happening in the human body of a smoker who is afflicted with a lung disease called emphysema.
Their study was published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine revealed that the lungs of the vapers have the same …

How Your DNA Can Be Altered By Vaping

The puffing of e-cigarettes also known as Vaping has been made popular and merrier by juice flavors. A good example of this in a common flavor is the blueberry cheesecake. Being considered safer than smoking cigarettes, it has gained popularity through vigorous marketing. However, astonishing research has revealed that it can interfere with your immune system.
Genes lodged within epithelial cells and located within the nasal area get suppressed over time. It threatens a healthy well-being because many cells…