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The puffing of e-cigarettes also known as Vaping has been made popular and merrier by juice flavors. A good example of this in a common flavor is the blueberry cheesecake. Being considered safer than smoking cigarettes, it has gained popularity through vigorous marketing. However, astonishing research has revealed that it can interfere with your immune system.

Genes lodged within epithelial cells and located within the nasal area get suppressed over time. It threatens a healthy well-being because many cells are interfered with even more than what smoking really does. These cells are essential in fighting respiratory viruses hence a crucial reason behind the research. For a cigarette smoker, these genes get suppressed fifty-three times hence threatening their immune response.

If you are a vapor, it is worse because the suppression is more. Low immunity leaves you at a higher risk of getting respiratory tract infections. For an effective immune system response, cytokines proteins should communicate effectively upon an infection attack. It is also evident that cigarettes contain more toxins than the e-cigarette. However, it is important for you to know that e-cigarettes have very many substances that lack in cigarettes.

These elements lead to long term problems for example lung cancer. Such impacts are unanticipated and reveal themselves later after many years of a Vaping lifestyle. Continued effects are experienced by people who change from cigarette smoking to vaping. Research is still underway to prove if similar effects would be experienced by vapers who never smoked before. These trends in lifestyle have made it difficult to prove whether vaping increases or decreases respiratory diseases.

This study by Jasper arrived when regulation was made on e-cigarettes as part of tobacco products. It was a directive from the administration of food and drugs. This is a clear indication that vaping is not safer than normal cigarettes. It was also a stern warning even to retailers such that they were not supposed to sell it to anyone below eighteen years of age.

Another study by Salynn Boyles involving samples of saliva from vapors indicated a capability of DNA damage. It indicated that vaping produces dangerous chemicals that affect human DNA hence exposing the user to high risks of getting cancer. These saliva samples were collected from five people who did vape for fifteen minutes. Many cells inside their mouths were also destroyed.

Barbo and other research colleagues also developed a strategy for screening. They analyzed reactive carbonyls which are located in biological fluids and the research revealed some modifications in NDA. All this was contributed to by vaping activities among the sampled people. It clearly proves how your DNA can be altered therefore threatening your good health.


This research is not validating that, e-cigarettes produce adverse effects when compared to normal cigarettes. However, Researchers are still doing more research so as to come up with a clear distinction. What is required of you is to have the knowledge that, vaping always comes with an effect therefore use this information wisely to lead a healthy life.

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