We are widely known for offering new information on genetic discoveries. We are pleased to offer all our services to our clients. Our clients in various industries and universities have been satisfied with many screening projects they have finished successfully with our help. Additionally, we offer our clients services that will expand their knowledge and genomics that might help in serving our community. For instance, we offer our clients sequencing on genes and cloning of BAC.

Our excellent services have helped the community for twenty-five years. We aim to improve our innovations by creating new technologies and methodologies. We have a reputation of being excellent at handling tissues and microorganisms. We can also cater to projects with different complexities.

A distinct aspect of our business is not limited to our English-speaking clients but also to our clients who speak different languages like Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese.

We have a strong management team and technical group that helps us get through very difficult tasks and assist our clients throughout the whole processing. We give our clients our support and assistance along with expert advice on proper handling of materials, as well as help in controlling their systems for them to be able to complete their projects on time.

Due to our achievements, Canadian BioMolecular Science Information is able to maintain the advantage of offering services for almost all known universities and industrial companies.

We welcome all of you to become our clients whether you are from a different university or company. We are most proud to offer you our modern technologies that will help you get the desired results that you need. It is our mission to help the community in the hopes of a better understanding of diseases and create more interventions to address these diseases that lay a heavy burden on our society.