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Here are some job opportunities posted by some of our clients:

Assistant Professor at the University of Canada

  • Our Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department is hiring applicants who are ready to work a full-time faculty position as an assistant professor.
  • Applicants with interests in research in biochemistry and molecular biology are welcome to apply. Each applicant is expected to create and lead a solid, independent, and widely recognized research agenda that contributes to the Department.
  • Candidates must have acquired PhD or MD degree within the previous ten years and is required of two years postdoctoral research experience with a register of achievements that show their capability as a professor and self-sufficient researcher.
  • Applicants must pass an application letter along with a curriculum vitae with 3 references. Must make an outline of a research agenda proposal of at least 5 pages. These information should be sent at

Research Associate- Lab at the University of Vancouver

  • We are currently looking for a self-driven and passionate Research Associate to labor in the field of cancer research. One should be highly intelligent with a registered record in the said field. The successful applicant will be asked to make an outline of experiments, conduct analysis and interpretation of data, and efficiently convey the results. The applicant should be ethical in a quick paced work setting.
  • Candidates should have a PhD in Biochemistry and have postdoctoral experience in a pressure-driven work environment.


  • Accurate knowledge of basic and specialized techniques in the laboratory especially in genetics.
  • Experience in handling and supervising students.
  • Ability to multi-task while prioritizing important tasks resulting in deadlines being met.
  • Open to learn and absorb new methods and techniques.
  • Strong mental skills is a must especially in analyzing, solving problems, and critical thinking.